Upgrade to PAD Version 4

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Is this upgrade critical?

The version 4 of the PAD Platform has been introduced by Association of Software Professionals more than a year ago. This major update is intended to fix all the main flaws of the former version. The PAD Platform 4 is secure, spam-free and is managed by live operators. Naturally, some of the most popular download sites accept only PAD4 files today. Additionally, there are download sites, media portals and software stores that have their submission forms removed completely. These sites pull PAD files directly from the Official PAD Repository using the PAD4 Platform API. In order to get your product published/updated on these sites, you need to upgrade it to the version 4 and publish it in the Official PAD Repository.


How do I upgrade my PAD file to the version 4?

PAD file are now managed using the PAD Publisher Control Panel. Once you create a free publisher account with the Control Panel, you can import your PAD files there. This will automatically upgrade them to the version 4. Make sure to use the "Publish" link to publish your PAD file in the Official PAD Repository. This will send a request to the PAD Platform operators. You should receive a confirmation e-mail within a few business days. This e-mail contains your new PAD URL to use with the download sites.


How many sites currently support PAD4?

The PAD4 specification is fully backward compatible with the version 3. PAD4 works with any PAD-enabled site.


Can I create a PAD4 file and host it on my own?

It won't work, sorry. All PAD files are now hosted in the Official PAD Repository to ensure their validity to the download site operators and other media providers. Each PAD file is verified by live operators.


How much does it cost to create and publish a PAD4 file?

All the basic PAD Platform services are free. You can create a free publisher account, publish any number of PAD files, host them in the Official PAD Repository and receive basic PAD support absolutely free.


PAD is an acronym for Portable Application Description. This is a standard developed by the Association of Software Professionals. Here you can find the PAD Specification and other related materials. Below are a few easy steps that you need to make in order to create a PAD file for your software application and distribute it via the network of download sites.